Clash of Clans Strategy: Tips, Defense and Attacking

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Here are some useful Clash of Clans strategies that you can use to help you along your way to the top!

Base Design

A good base design is a must for surviving when you get your Town Hall to 5 plus and higher. Here are some tips to help you design a good base.

You must first decide whether you want to earn more trophies or build your kingdom and gain resources.

Collecting Trophies

If you want to do this, then make sure you protect your Town Hall at all costs, since losing your Town Hall means an automatic win for them. Your resources will get stolen a lot more often but you get to earn more trophies. Here is a base design to help you out.

Base Design Strategy Example 1

As you can see, the Town Hall is placed in the center with towers protecting it. Elixir and gold storage are less protected on the outer areas. This makes it much harder for invaders to get to the center.

Building and Farming for Resources

For farming, you will want a base like this:

Base Design Strategy Example 2

The Town Hall is located at the the bottom left corner. This allows your opponents to destroy your Town Hall easily, earning you the 12 hour shield. This way, you only get attack once or twice a day. You can then go raid bases for resources or build your kingdom during that time.

Here are some really good troop combinations to raid other bases.

Low Level Bases(1-3)

Giant Level 1 Barbarian Level 1 Goblin Level 1

Giants, Barbarians and Goblins – This combo is excellent as giants will target defensive buildings first. The barbarians will go around wrecking buildings. You can also put goblins near the end of the raid to steal more resources.

Giant Level 1 Archer Level 1

Archers and Giants – Giants will take all tower shots while your archers shoot from a distance. Becareful of mortars as they can wreck your archers.

Mid Level Bases(4-6)

Giant Level 1 Wall Breaker Level 1 Wizard 1

Giants, Wall Breakers and Wizards – This combo is more potent and wizards can deal splash damage from a distance. Make sure to send in your Wall Breakers after the giants are deployed to make sure they avoid taking any damage.

High Level Bases(7-10)

Giant Level 1 Wall Breaker Level 1 Barbarian Level 1 Archer Level 1 Goblin Level 1

Giants, Wall Breakers, Archers, Barbarians and Goblins – This combination is a very cheap and effective way of raiding. It is still effective at higher levels despite using tier 1/2 troops. The troop diversity should be something like this:

  • 30 Barbarians
  • 50 Archers
  • 50 Goblins
  • 6 Giants
  • 6 Wall Breakers

The above is just a guideline, you can add more of each depending on what you need most. Look for the most promising base with plenty of loot and focus on stealing as much as possible. Always draw the Clan Castle Troops and Barbarian King/Archer Queen first. Place a barbarian or archer to lure out the Clan Castle Troops. Then send in some troops to take out whatever that is in it.

Place a giant within the range of each tower to take tower aggro and deploy the rest of your troops. Wall Breakers will be used to break any tough to crack spots. Your goblins will only go in once the towers are taken care of.